Extra Ocular Vision


Extra Ocular Vision (EOV) is the name given to a Nuevo-ancient way of training. It is a unique way of working with children to help them expand the capacity of their mind and to raise their awareness

The Program is designed for children between the ages of 6 and 12, that can read regular books and know shapes and colours. Older children, teenagers and some adults may benefit too, although their progress may take longer. As we get older so we accumulate limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Noe Esperon, the creator of this method has been developing and teaching EOV for over 3 decades in Mexico. Here it is often referred to as brain development training.

In 2016 I flew to India to study with Rosi Barrera Oaxaca who was trained by Noe in 2009. I experienced first hand this incredible work and am honoured to be sharing it here in Australia as one of the very few EOV practitioners.

EOV is a different kind of learning. It empowers children and naturally inspires them to respect themselves, to respect others and to become better people.

EOV: What we never learned at school!

The aim is to improve the lives of children who in turn can promote positive change in all those that surround them.

The EOV Program

Integrates a minimum of 10 meditations with a very simple language of images. Each image represents a foundational aspect of the psyche. Children practice increasingly more complex material over the course of 10 sessions and are given opportunities to draw, put together puzzles, play games and read all while completely blindfolded!

Results are normally seen in the first few sessions, however it may take a little longer if a child has low confidence and self esteem or deep seated traumas.

Benefits of EOV

  • Children develop a more positive attitude
  • Helps children with dyslexia
  • Social skills improve – children overcome shyness and insecurities
  • Behavioral problems naturally correct themselves
  • Children become more creative, resourceful and intuitive
  • Helps overcome fears of all kinds
  • Sudden blossoming can initiate in a child