I have been practicing various forms of meditation, yoga and complementary healing since 2012. Using my skills and experience to help empower others.

I am passionate about helping people discover paths to deep healing. I provide a safe space to assist and allow you to overcome whatever may be blocking you from living the best life possible.

Benefits include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body and enhanced mental clarity. Other benefits include increased self esteem, expanded consciousness,  awakened intuition, improved focus and attention span and improved positive attitude.

“I found just being in Ingrid’s presence extremely calming and healing. My first reiki and meditation session I had (with Ingrid) was very powerful and I experienced intense sensations that somehow allowed me to access some emotional pain that was so deeply locked within my body I had no awareness it was there.


“Ingrid has a gift. When Ingrid worked with my 10-year-old daughter, not only did her grades and reading ability improve, her self-esteem and confidence skyrocketed. It has been a wonderful journey to watch and has left me in awe not only of Ingrid but in my own daughter’s capabilities.