“I found just being in Ingrid’s presence extremely calming and healing. My first reiki and meditation session I had (with Ingrid) was very powerful and I experienced intense sensations that somehow allowed me to access some emotional pain that was so deeply locked within my body I had no awareness it was there. I broke down in tears, the uncontrollable tears of a child, perhaps the tears were my inner child, finally expressing some pain I was unable to express as an emotionally “stoic child”. During the session, despite feeling this intense pain I felt safe and protected. It came as a shock to me that these emotional blockages were there, and that they can be easily accessed and cleared allowing me to let go and continue my personal growth, so that I can access my full potential, without being bogged down by trapped emotions. I left the session filled with feeling of love and a lightness.
I would highly recommend Ingrid to anyone who is seeking a healer that is intuitive to your needs and an uncanny ability to tap into those areas of your body that are holding emotional blockages.”


“Ingrid has a gift. Her knowledge, experience and training are evident in her ability to connect, cleanse and heal. When Ingrid worked with my 10-year-old daughter, not only did her grades and reading ability improve, her self-esteem and confidence skyrocketed. It has been a wonderful journey to watch and has left me in awe not only of Ingrid but in my own daughter’s capabilities. Ingrid has given me something too. In our last session, I felt the most profound sense of calm that I have ever experienced. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety, I did not know it was possible to feel this deep level of calmness. Ingrid explained that it had been inside me all along, how amazing is that?! I am now finding it much easier to reach a sense of calm through my own meditations and I am eagerly anticipating my next session with Ingrid.”


“Thank you Ingrid for the time you spent with me over the past 6 months.
Through your Reiki and meditation you helped restore my faith in the universe and in myself when there was no faith left.
You provided me with a new way of seeing, I thought all hope was lost when i became vision impaired 10years ago but you have opened my eyes when you showed me EOV (seeing with your third eye) i never thought i would be able to see things without using my eyes.
Every time i see colours swirling around objects, seeing different forms and spirits beside me it just blows my mind.
Your services have provided me with so much clarity, insight and grounding.
I cannot thank you enough for showing me a new way of seeing.”